What We're Really About

Blooms is a family-run business founded by Billy Fox and Ailín Clancy, both long-time cannabis advocates.

Our Story

“We entered the market in 2018 when we discovered that cannabis flower with low levels of THC had been bred into existence in Switzerland for the first time. We recognised this as a huge step for legal cannabis and decided to open Ireland's first cannabis café, selling infused coffee and CBD flowers.”

“We wanted to introduce a brand-new culture to Ireland with our CBD café, bringing a sense of what legal cannabis both looks and feels like. It was hugely successful at the time and brought the cannabis community in Ireland together.”

“Two months after we opened, dozens of Gardaí and customs officials raided us, arrested me, and put me in a cell for twelve hours” commented Billy.

“I was forced to participate in multiple interviews, and was threatened with ten years in prison for selling cannabis, despite having been given the green light from every regulatory authority in Ireland, including Gardaí, prior to the opening of our café in Waterford.”

“It really seemed like someone was threatened about the blooming potential of a legal cannabis dispensary model and wanted to quickly get rid of us. We re-opened one week later and were once again arrested, with threats of weekly raids and prosecution.”

"We see a bright future for cannabis"

"After a two-year absence from the industry, we are so happy and humbled to be serving Ireland and the EU again with our Cannabislight° products and concentrates. We strive to be the number one trusted brand in Ireland once again by providing all our customers with the best prices and attentive customer service. We see a bright future for cannabis in Ireland and we are proud to be part of the movement."